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Vote No For Atlantis

Atlantis, The Lost Expeditions


Vote No For Atlantis

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geek cat

supernatural is in first place i voted yes for that one
and a big fat... no for atlantis
  • (no subject) - falcon_horus
  • And keep it there! Gosh you lost your fav character. it so looks like I'm gonna lose mine. *sniff*

    ((hugging time))
    • eep! WHO!?

      Actually my fav character is still alive...shep is my fav

      but they killed the team.. and they left people behind

      that i can't stand for
      • Well Elizabeth! God knows what's gonna happen to her - "This Mortal Coil" (which should be Elizabeth's last episode) is a reference to death. So there.
        • yeah elizabeth and paul...its why i don't watch it

          that and stupid sam and keller *barfs*
  • OMG! WHo are they killing now! Poor thing ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))
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