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Claim your episode! AU season 4

Atlantis, The Lost Expeditions


Claim your episode! AU season 4

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geek cat
Episode 1 (Rewrite of Final strike)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5(mid season finale p1)
Episode 6(mid season Premiere p2)
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (season finale)
  • Okay, so I'd like to take 3rd episode ("Eyes" - if you guys agree with my Weir storyline); and mid season finale that could include Ford coming back and Sheppard's backstory. Or if you'd like, we could do an episode that would be dedicated to Sheppard's backstory.
    • Episode 1 (Rewrite of Final strike)
      Episode 2
      Episode 3 Eye by Anuna
      Episode 4
      Episode 5(mid season finale p1)
      Episode 6(mid season Premiere p2)
      Episode 7
      Episode 8
      Episode 9
      Episode 10 (season finale)

      darn i want to write one hehe but not sure i can take the time! lol
  • How long do these episodes have to be and in what format?

    I kinda just thought of that...
    • erm Prose (normal fanfic stuff) not script...
      any length you want
      and unless the episode is a stand alone you may need to reference the episode before
      • Hello there. I just saw this today and would like to comment a little here. Yes, I'm the same PG15 as on Gateworld, but let's not bring up any previous hostilities. I'm always in support of fans exploring their imaginations like this, no matter what the outcome is.

        I write a Star Trek fanfiction series, and I do it in script format. If you guys are serious about this (and I don't see why you're not), and wish to churn out those 10 episodes in a reasonable period of time, then I think the script-format is the way to go.

        You don't need any special software or anything, Microsoft Word will do. The best part though, is that it helps to "trim the fat" of some prose fanfiction by getting rid of the reams of paragraphs dedicated to inner monologue, which is rarely seen on the TV screen in actual episodes. Also, I was able to write an entire episode of my series in a matter of 2 weeks or so, and still have it come out a full-length episode (~65 pages). I didn't even work on it full-time either!

        Of course, it also teaches you what the boys at Bridges do to craft their own stories. It's a real learning experience, I can tell you that.

        Give it some thought. I am curious as to what you guys can churn out.
        • I write scripts as part of my career

          i disagree that they are easier to write

          they do take some practice especially for those used to writing prose. As the format is harder then it looks.

          think of the final battle in LOTR in a script it may only read 'there was a battle'

          as a result its also harder for the casual reader to enjoy it in the same was as they would prose

          as it is more difficult to express the emotion of a scene, in script format
          • Fair enough, although I think there is stuff to be gained by combining both formats.

            Looking forward to your first episode!
            • well it will depend if we can get all out ducks in a row

              we don't have enough writers at the moment...
  • All right, I'll take the second episode when Sheppard makes the "morally questionble" decision. But, I won't be able to start it until after the 12th.

    I can take a story in the latter half of the season, but I kind of need to know what's going on with Ford's character. Is he to be trusted? I was thinking maybe a Michael/Ford story. Depending on Ford's character, he could either be Michael's ally (if he's bad) or kick some major Michael butt (if he's good)...
    • well i guess what ford is..is up to you :D

      all of that sounds great :D
      • Well, if Anuna is writing the mid season story with Ford, I'll take her lead of how his character is. :D
        • cool :)

          really its what ever you guys want to do

          oh the power !!!!


          oh dear i think evil paris was leaking out there a bit hehe, sorry about that.
  • I'm thinking of a stand alone eppie, Atlantis based so I can add a few of the minor characters in it (yes, I was thinking about Kate, among others).

    I'm going to think it over a bit.
  • I'll take at least one episode. At the moment I've got 2 stories I need to finish before I can work on this, so I would write something for mid to late in the season. I've read the comments on all the entries thus far and love the direction we're heading. I like writing for all the characters and can't wait to start! I'll bring story ideas later.
    • excellent glad to have ya :D

      we still need someone to start this mess of lol
      • *snort* *giggle*

        Yes, we do. Actually, I was thinking if the first eppy is basically a rewrite of First Strike, it wouldn't be too hard to do. *says the girl with no time on her hands*

        I'll think about this...
    • cool hehehee :)

      i can't even help i only watched first strike once...
    • If you do rewrite it, let me know. I need to know what changes (other than Weir going blind) there will be since I'll be writing the second episode. :D
    • -

      I wish I'd found this community a month ago. I was in the same mindset, too, thinking of so many things they could have done differently. Would there be any room for a Ronon-centered story as part of a reunion-type arc? This week's episode actually didn't look too bad from that point of view - I won't even get into the Carter storyline. I haven't done any alternate-season or extra-season for a TV series work in years and it's making me antsy.
      • Re: -

        i don't know if we actually ever got organized to do anything.. but you know what i personally would love a ronon centred story... i adore the man!

        Maybe you could inspire the rest of us to get our butts in gear lol
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