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Alternative Season 4~ Outline suggestions

Atlantis, The Lost Expeditions


Alternative Season 4~ Outline suggestions

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better than kirk
ideas for an outline

i suggest
Carson nearly dies in sunday but is miraculously saved
first strike takes place
but its ellis that is killed and hurt not Liz
Liz is slightly hurt but not out of the story.

I suggest shep whump/angst and lots of it! :D not that i am biast hehe
  • forgot to say..yes to ford.. what about a mid season cliffy to bring him back?
  • I could do first part of the mid season two parter, Sheppard backstory and one very good Weir episode. There.
    • thats three stories from you then?

      do you want to partner with anyone or go by yourself?
      • Hmmm.... I have to think a bit about the ideas. I could use some help to develop ideas; and I think there's a post where I suggested what could happen to Elizabeth.

        When I come up with similar ideas for Shep I'll be sure to tell you guys, and I'd like to bring Ford back in season two parter, addressing issues of his addiction to wraith enzyme and things like that.

        Do we want darker Teyla?
        • i am good at character moments if you want to brain storm

          do you have YIM?

          Have you read my stories?

          might give you an idea of my writing style

          i doubt i can do any writing myself but i can brainstorm if you need anything
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