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Alternative Season 4 ~ Looking for writers

Atlantis, The Lost Expeditions


Alternative Season 4 ~ Looking for writers

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geek cat
All right

in about 1 week my life is going to explode with busy-ness
so there is no way i can do any writing for this but i know a few people over at Gateworld have mentioned an interest, and i am willing to help organize things a bit.

we'll say a season is 22 episodes (i know it varies), my thought is to do multiple conintous stories, they do not need to be episode length. And i was thinking less is better...maybe 10 episodes?

so the question is

1 Who's interested?
2 Who is willing to commit?
3 How many episodes are you will to commit to?
4 what kind of season do we want?
5 com
  • 1. I'm interested.

    2. For the time being I can fully commit. If I'm lucky enough and I get this job I'm waiting to hear back from, I'll still be able to commit but I'll have to juggle my time a bit.

    3. I'd say we start with a miniseries, in that case 10 episodes seems like a good start.

    4. I would try an alternate season 4. What the show could have been if TPTB hadn't done all their changes.

    5. Who's with me?
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