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Alternative Season 4 ~ Looking for writers

Atlantis, The Lost Expeditions


Alternative Season 4 ~ Looking for writers

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geek cat
All right

in about 1 week my life is going to explode with busy-ness
so there is no way i can do any writing for this but i know a few people over at Gateworld have mentioned an interest, and i am willing to help organize things a bit.

we'll say a season is 22 episodes (i know it varies), my thought is to do multiple conintous stories, they do not need to be episode length. And i was thinking less is better...maybe 10 episodes?

so the question is

1 Who's interested?
2 Who is willing to commit?
3 How many episodes are you will to commit to?
4 what kind of season do we want?
5 com
  • well unless we get more
    you each get five stories lol
    • Okay I'm interested. I'm gonna be quite busy but I can commit to writing two stories at least.

      I'm all for setting the main outline before we actually start writing, and here are some suggestions/questions/thoughts I'd like to present:

      1. Do we want Beckett injured/badly injured after Sunday (to create more suspense?)

      2. I wouldn't rewrite FS a lot, I'd only change nature of Weir's injury.

      3. Keller could be helping out if Beckett is injured and couldn't do his job at the moment.

      4. Having Atlantis lost in space is a good idea to get the atmosphere of Season 1 where they couldn't contact the Earth. They would have to deal with energy issues, lack of food or water and things like that. They might have to reach controversial decisions, for example to steal from other cultures (technologically less advanced). if we want a darker season, this could be a good way to start. And let's say Weir is injured and this could be Sheppard's decision. Good way to create conflict between them.

      5. Their mission for season 4 could be finding a new planet or returning to the one where Atlantis was located - so they'd have to find their way back home.

      6. If we bring back Ford, he could help them out with food/water/weapons/things like that; it could be a good way to bring him back.

      7. What about the Genii? Ideas?

      8. Do we need new enemies or are we quite satisfied with Michael, the Wraith and Asurans? (that's quite enough for me :D)

      9. Sheppard needs a backstory, and rest of the characters need development and a hint of their "darker side". Well except Rodney, maybe. We've seen everything there. :P

      10. No Kirk, please? Unless I'm allowed to rip off ST Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights" starring Sheppard and McKay :P

      11. Like Yappi said, some of us are inclined to write some pairings, so if we do that, let's stick to what we've seen on the show and not create shipper wars. Personally I can do stories without romance, and I think that's something most people could/would enjoy.

      Okay to sum things up: action, good plots, character development, friendship, humor and fun and a season that's going to be darker.

      What do you say?
  • We have enough enemies, so I'd like to keep it to the ones we have now. And the Genii aren't really enemy-like unless you count Kolya but for all intents and purposes he's dead (or so I think).

    I think Ford could be a nice addition but he would still have to be addicted to the enzym though I'd say his body is by now pretty acclimatized to it so he has limited moodswings to deal with.

    I write femslash, which I know not to be canon at all, so I have no problems with sticking to what we see on screen.

    Okay to sum things up: action, good plots, character development, friendship, humor and fun and a season that's going to be darker.

    If only TPTB had thought of that, before heading into a new adventure without really knowing where it would head in the first place.
    • We could do many things with Ford, and having him still addicted to enzyme creates a lot of room for character development. Can he be trusted? Can he be cured? What are his motives for helping the team? What would be his working relationship with Ronon? We can address many things I think.

      Kolya doesn't have to be dead as far as I'm concerned ;)

      And no more enemies... let's stick to ones we have :D
      • i think ronan could be assigned to watching/gaurding him

        where are they going to get more enzyme from?
        Maybe Beckett can make a synthetic one like in Invisible man
        • This could be good - Beckett could synthesize something that is similar, but not good or strong enough like original enzyme, so Ford would be forced to 'come down' from it.
          Yes, Ronon could watch him, it could be pretty powerful because we know they don't like each other. This could be in two parter.
    • ooo good part about ford thats cool!


  • i could stand keller but only in a very very very (have i said very?) limited roll.

    I like the idea of them being cut off from earth

    love the wraith and who ever else thats cool

    Love my shep and rodney friendship stuff but if you guys aren't thats okay... i am not much of a shipper outside of friendship

    but really this is for you guys what ever you want goes

    bascially i love shep whump and hate, keller, sam and ellis... love everyone else

    an arch for ronan would be cool
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